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Why to submit your site to the directory?

  • You will get listed in the My-Telugu Search Results. Thousands of people search our directory database every day. Feed your site to them.
  • Get listed in My-Telugu directory. Many sites use our directory contents to link to their topic of interest.
  • Get automatically promoted to Cool Sites listing according to user hits in the directory. The users will rate your site and your site will be promoted further.
  • Automatic spidering by robots like AltaVista, Google, MSN, HotBot and other leading search engines on the net who visit regularly ensure that your site is also spidered in the process..

How to add your site to the My-Telugu Directory

The My-Telugu directory is organized by subject. Most sites in it are suggested to us by users. Sites are placed in categories by My-Telugu Editors, who visit and evaluate your suggestions and decide where they best belong. We do this to ensure that My-Telugu is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

With this in mind, we ask that you follow three simple, yet important steps if you have a site (URL) you'd like to suggest: Step 1: Check to See if Your Site is Already in My-Telugu

An important first step, because if your site is already listed in My-Telugu, you need go no further. Check by searching My-Telugu for your site by title, or by browsing appropriate categories.

(Note: If your site is already listed in My-Telugu but you want to change its comments, title, and/or placement, you need to use the change form. This is an entirely different process.)

Step 2: Find the Appropriate Category in My-Telugu

Finding an appropriate category for your site is at the heart of this process. Remember that My-Telugu Surfers visit each site suggested to us, and proper categorization on your part helps us process suggestions quickly.

What is an appropriate category? Click here to read a list of important pointers explaining how we organize our directory.

Step 3. Suggest Your Site From the Appropriate Category

Suggest your site from the category you think most appropriate. Do this by clicking on the "Suggest a Site" link at the TOP RIGHT  of that category page. (It's just to the right of the heading bar.) Again, there is a list of important pointers to help you establish where your site belongs. Also remember that the final placement of your site is determined by My-Telugu Surfers.

When you click on "Suggest a Site" in the appropriate category, you'll see an online form asking for information about your site.

In the "category" space on the form, you'll see the name of the category you've chosen. Please be prepared to provide, among other information, your site's title, URL, and a brief description.

Finally, thanks for the site. Thanks for contributing to My-Telugu. By following the above steps (in order, no less!) you're helping us process sites in a timely manner.

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