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Mantralayam Temple

About Mantralayam

Madhwa Saint Sri Raghavendra attained his Samadhi at Mantralayam near Kurnool some 300 years ago. A large number of followers and devotees of all religious sects throng this little town located on the banks of river Tungabhadra all through the year. The mutt, called the Raghavendra brindavanam, houses the jeeva samadhi of Swamy Raghavendra, a great saint of the sixteenth century who was an exponent of the Dwaita School. He entered alive into the samadhi on Bidagi day on shravana bahula in Vasodhikritanama sanvatsara. On that day the saint completed all the morning rituals and granted final benediction to the assembled devotees and said, "Though I cast off my mortal frame, I shall always be here and protect the sanatana dharma according to the command of Shri Hari. I will abide here in my subtle body and protect all my devotees". So saying the saint directed his tearful devotees to raise a structure of holy stones and seal it with 1200 Laxminarayana Saligrams. The life of Saint Raghavendra is a source of great inspiration and strength to his myriad devotees. Called Venkatanath in his purvashrama days, Swami Raghavendra was a grahastha. When his Guru Sudhindra Tirtha wanted to make him the head of his Peetha, Venkatnath politely refused saying that he could not abandon his duties as a grahastha to his wife and his son. However, as per divine design he had a vision that convinced him that he should enter sanyasa and assume the mantle of the peetha. Thus began the story of saint Raghavendra. Throughout his life Swami Raghavendra worked tirelessly to spread the worship of Hari and with the blessings of his lord performed many a miracle. The Devotees are allowed to do the ’arathi’ themselves to the sanctum sanctorum. The mutt also undertakes the feeding of the devotees once a day during lunchtime. The drive back to the railway station to catch the Chennai mail is pleasant. Thousand sunflowers bid you farewell on the way.

How to reach Mantralayam

  • Air: The nearest air port to Mantralayam is Hyderabad at a distance of 351 km.
  • Rail: The nearest rail head is Mantralayam Road on Madras - Raichur route at a distance of 15 km from Mantralayam.
  • Bus: A.P. Tourism conducts a package tour from Hyderabad, Buses are available to Mantralayam from Kurnool to Hyderabad.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial bus station (Gawliguda):

  • Reservation 040-24734158
  • Enquiries 040-24618685, 24614406
  • Alighting Point 040-24601919

Jubilee Bus Station:

  • Enquiries & Reservations: 040-27802203

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