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Chinna Tirupati - Dwarama Tirumala Temple

About Chinna Tirupati - Dwarama Tirumala

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple also Known as Chinna Tirupati Or Second Tirupati is situated here in Dwaraka Tirumala which is 100 kms from Vijayawada. 40 kms from Eluru. According to a legend, The temple dates back to the rein of Raja Dasaratha and Lord Srirama and Sidha Nagarjuna. Unique for being the only temple with two idols under one Vimana Sikharam, this is where you can have a glimpse of south indian archetecture at its finest with the eye-catching 5-storey Gopuram. The prakara Temple is adorned with idols of various deities.

Accommodation in Chinna Tirupati - Dwarama Tirumala

  • Punnami Hotel of APTDC.
  • Temple Guest House. For Reservation, Phone:08829-271436

How to reach Chinna Tirupati - Dwarama Tirumala

  • Bus: 40 kms. from Eluru,20 kms from Bhimadolu.
  • Dwaraka Tirumala is well connected by road and there are frequent buses from Bhimadolu and Eluru.
  • Rail: Rail is available from Eluru from different cities.

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