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Palaces of Andhra Pradesh, India


Famous Palaces of Andhra Pradesh

Chowmahalla Palace
The Chowmahalla palace can be called the first Asaf Jahi palace in Hyderabad.

Falaknuma Palace
One of the most magnificent royal palaces of India, it stands majestically on the crest of a hill.

Malwala Palace
The Malwala Palace is one of the few surviving wooden palaces of Hyderabad built in late Mughal and Rajasthani style. It was built by an ancestor of the Malwala family, Sagar Mall, who had accompanied the first Nizam to Hyderabad in 1724.

Purina Haveli Palace
Purani Haveli is one of the most important architectural landmarks of Hyderabad combining European facades with traditional Indian courtyards. Purina Haveli Complex is U shaped with a single storied central building in European style flanked by two double storied oblong wings (nearly 1000 feet) of which the western one has the famous wooden wardrobe.

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