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Warangal Fort, Warangal
from Andhra Pradesh Historical Places Guide and from Warangal Travel Guide


About Warangal Fort

Warangal is the mighty capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom. Just about 157 kms from Hyderabad, lies the legendary city of Warangal, which has found its way into Mareo Plo's travel diaries! Cross the threshold through the impressive huge stone gateways, A Kakaitya King Ganapathi Deva and his daughter, Rani Rudrama, built the Waragal Fort in the 13th century, the once impregnable fort combines geometrical intricacies and beautifully carved arches. The fort has 45 towers and pillars spread over a radius of 19 km, and a temple of Mother Earth called 'Swayambhudevi Alayam' in the middle. The famous 'Ekasshila', a beautifully carved gateway located within the fort, symbolizes the Kakatiya empire and Warangal even till date like Charminar does for Hyderabad.

How to reach Warangal Fort?

  • Bus: Express and Garuda A/c buses available from Hyderabad.
  • Rail: Rail available from Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

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