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Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

My-Telugu.Com: About vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh
My-Telugu.Com: Bobbili Fort, Andhra Pradesh
My-Telugu.Com: Vizianagaram Fort, Andhra Pradesh
My-Telugu.Com: History of Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh
My-Telugu.Com: Govindapuram Temple, Andhra Pradesh
My-Telugu.Com: Jammi Vruksham Temple, Andhra Pradesh
My-Telugu.Com: Kumili Temple, Andhra Pradesh
My-Telugu.Com: Ramathirtham Temple, Andhra Pradesh


About Vizianagaram
This district was formed in the year 1979. In the olden days this place used to be in Kalinga kingdom ruled by Sathavahanas, Golkonda Nawabs and British Empire. Vizianagaram, sometimes seen as Vizianagram is the main... >>

History of Vizianagaram
500 Years of glorious past and rich cultural heritage made Vizianagaram the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh. It acquired a separate statehood in 1979. The Raja Saheb Dr. P.V.G. Raju who inherits the socialistic fervor and the spirit of religious tolerance from his ancestors, renounced his Zamindari with out taking any compensation....>>

Bobbili Fort of Vizianagaram
Bobbili Fort is associated with the historic battle of Bobbili, fought on January 24, 1757. The battle was between the zamindar of Vizianagaram; Vijayarama Raju aided by....>>

Vizianagaram Fort of Vizianagaram
The imposing fort formed the nucleus around which grew the town of Vizianagaram. Depicting the past glory of the rulers, the quadrangular stone fort is evident of the knowledge and skillfulness of the builders and architects of those days. An ancient temple of Pydithalli Annavari....>>

Govindapuram Temple of Vizianagaram
Govindapuram is situated in Pusapatirega Mandal, at distance of 30 K.Ms from Vizianagaram Town. Govindapuram known as Muktidamam is a holy pilgrim center.....>>

Jammi Vruksham Temple of Vizianagaram
Located in Jammi on the banks of the river Gowthami, 10 Kms from Vizianagaram. Legend has it that the Pandavas hid their weapons on a "Jami Tree" before embarking on the final year of their exile (Agnathavasam). During their stay, King Dharmaraj and Kunthi ....>>

Kumili Temple of Vizianagaram
Kumili is located 20 kms away from Vizianagaam. This small village is famous on account of a huge complex of temples built by local devotees over a period of 10 years. The temples are unique with extremely attractive sculptures, paintings on the walls & idols...>>

Ramathirtham Temple of Vizianagaram
Ramathirtham is famous for the 1000 years old sri rama temple situated on the bavikonda hill. On the southern most hill stand the remains of Rama temple, vestiges of Jainism and natural caves. The northern hill known as Durgakonda is named after... More>>

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