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Sankaram, Visakhapatnam
from Andhra Pradesh Buddhist Guide and from Visakhapatnam Guide



Sankaram has numerous monolithic votive stupas, rock-cut caves buildings and images of Buddha and non-tantric form of Hariti. The Buddhist ruins are located on the contiguous hills locally known as Bojjanakonda and Lingalametta consist of numerous monolithic stupas, caves and structural buildings.

Monuments & Antiquities of Sankaram

During excavation several antiquities like the seals, inscribed tablets, pots, copper coins mostly of seventh century AD were found. A gold coin of Samudragupta of the 4th century AD is a significant find. A seated image of Buddha termed as Buddhanna or Bojjana is found in one of the caves on the hill.  There are a few plain and small caves on the same hillock, which formed the Viharas for the monks and students. On facade of the cave is a life size statue of Buddha in meditation.

How to Reach Sankaram

  • Road: 40 km from Visakhapatnam
  • Rail: 40 km from Visakhapatnam & 3 km. to the north of Anakapalle railway station

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