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KBR National Park, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


KBR National Park, Hyderabad

A National Park is a wilderness area (and also declared) so called for its ecological and geomorphologic significance. It is not a park like others in the city. KBR National Park (earlier known as Chiran Palace Gardens) is the genuine wilderness area in the twin cities. Fortunately it has remained in that condition upto 1990's even as a private reserve. It discharges the ecological function of preserving bio-diversity i.e., conservation of flora and fauna which comprise several species of plants some of which have yet to be studied for their taxonomic qualities and even as germplasm for sustainable human use. The fauna includes a tremendous diversity of birds which include species like drongos, partridges and also hares, snakes, pythons etc. The micro faunas are even more significant. The dragonflies, butterflies, earthworms, ants and other invertebrates like scorpions, centipedes and others which keep churning the soil and helping retention of the moisture.

This Park is right at the top of the most significant catchments in the heart of the city, which is helping surface charge of the streams emptying into Banjara and Hussain Sagar Lakes. The nature of the vegetation and absence of paths and gullies in the park which could carry the water away has helped the water charges into streams even in summer month. Equally significant is the role of this Park and its vegetation in recharging ground water of the area through humus and top soil. This is giving much needed relief to citizens living in an area without major water resources.

In this background, opening up of the Park for regular walking and recreation results in compacting of these surfaces by allowing water runoff instead of conservation. It further interferes with most of the activities of the living creatures including termites which turn over the earth and arrests overgrowth of vegetation which can conserve water and promote genetic exchanges even better. The damage to the ecology of this Park would become greater as the number of walkers increases. Most of the walkers are rich and upper middle class people and if they take interest in developing other parks (small and big) in different localities, there would be plenty of greenery in the twin cities. The KBR National Park can be conserved as a protected groove of our state.

How to reach KBR National Park, Hyderabad

  • Bus: Route No.10H Secunderabd - Hitech City ( Route: Patny, Anand Cinema, Police Lines, Begumpet, Punjagutta, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur,

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