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Ramappa Temple, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh


About Ramappa Temple

Ramappa situated in Palampet village 70 kms from Warangal town in Andhra Pradesh is a magnificent monument dating back to 1213 A.D. It is also called by Ramalingeswara temple. It documents the glory and grandeur of the Kakatiya kingdom. Among the important and exquite monuments of the State, the temple of Palampet, popularly known as Ramappa Temple, is an archeological wonder. The Kakatiya kings reigned over Andhra Pradesh for about 200 years between the 10th and 12th centuries AD. They were great builders and patrons of art. An inscription at the temple premises reads that the temple of Ramappa was built on behalf of the king, Kakati Ganapathi Deva by his chief commander Rudra Samani at a place called Ranakude in Atukaru province. The inscription conveys that there were three temples Kateswara, Kameshwara and Rudreswara-all dedicated to their chief deity Shiva. Today, except for the main edifice of Rudreswara which is more or less intact, the other two shrines are in a totally ruined state. The temple is a Shivalaya and stands majestically on a six feet high star-shaped platform in a spacious compound amidst picturesque surroundings dotted with countless date palm trees. On the western side is the idyllic Ramappa lake constructed during the same period as the temple. The building of a temple and an irrigation tank side by side was the tradition of the Kakatiya rulers. Kakti Ganapati Deva was a great patron of art and learning and Ramappa temple was his best contribution to the world of South Indian temple architecture.

How to reach Ramappa Temple?

  • Rail: Trains are available from Secunderabad Railway station.
  • Bus: Buses available from Jubilee Bus station (Secunderabad) and Mahatma Gandhi memorial bus station(Gawliguda)
  • Mahatma Gandhi Memorial bus station (Gawliguda): Reservation 4734158; Enquiries 4618685, 4614406; Alighting Point 4601919
  • Jubilee Bus Station: Enquiries & Reservations: 7802203


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