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Charminar, Hyderabad



The Charminar is as much the signature of Hyderabad as the Taj Mahal of Agra or the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah, the founder of Hyderabad, builds Charminar in 1951 at the center of the original city layout. Legend has it that it was build as charm to; ward off a deadly epidemic raging at that time. Four graceful minarets soar to height of 180 feet., above the ground Charminar has 45 prayer spaces and a mosque in it. It stands guard like a sentinel to entry point of the main bazaar, which makes Hyderabad the shopper’s paradise. The minar is an imitation of structure (tazia) representing the tomb of Imam Hussain, paraded at the Muharram Festival. Four roads radiate from it. The Charminar had rooms, which were used as Madarsah or Schools and a Masjid or hall of prayer. Adjoining the four towers, there was Charsu-ka-hauz (cistern of four roads) encircled by four arches, From the balcony erected here, the kind used to witness the maneuvers of his troops and give audience to the public. Here too are the fabulous market places for pearls, bangles, crystals glass and the markets for attar, handicrafts, toys, sarees and textiles. The gateway, also described as the ‘Arcade Triumph’ of the East was built as a memorial to the victims of the plague that almost wiped out the entire population.

How to reach?

  • City Local Bus Route No. 8 Secunderabad - Charminar (Route: Patny, Paradise, Ranigunj, DBR Mills, Tank Bund, Secretariat, Birla Mandir, Assembly Hall, Nampally, Gandhi Bhavan, MJ Market, Begumbazar, Afzalgunj, Madina, Charminar)
  • City Local Bus Other Route Nos. available: 8, 8C, 8D, 2, 2C, 2U.

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