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Amaravathi, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh


About Amaravathi

Andhra Pradesh was the site of a flowering of Buddhist culture. The Salivahanas, who were devout Buddhists by religion, followed the Satavahana dynasty. Several Buddhist stupas and viharas were built during their reign, and Buddhist centers flourished at Amaravathi, Ghantasala and other places in Andhra Pradesh. Another important Buddhist site near the ancient Satavahana capital. Dhyanyakataka, is now called Amaravati. Amaravati was one of the four major places of Buddhist worship in the country. Over two thousand years ago, on the south bank of the river Krishna at this point stood the Mahastupa, the largest stupa in the country, 36.5 mts across and girdled by the circumambulatory path.Built of kiln-burnt briucks and facssed with marble slabs, the Mahastupa was richly adorned with carvings, depicting events from the life of Buddha along its dome and the outer and inner sides of the railing. The Mahastupa is known locally as ‘Deepaladinne’, or ‘hillrock of lamps’, Amaravati is considered the most sacred of pilgrim center in South India for Buddhists.

How to reach Amaravathi?

  • Air : Soon at Vijayawada - 65 km away.
  • Rail : Convenient railheads are Guntur 36 km away and Vijayawada 82 km away.
  • Bus : Bus service is well organized from the pilgrimage spot. Guntur 35km’s, Vijayawada 82km’s, Hyderabad 350km’s

Where to stay in Amaravathi

At Amaravati, Tourist Complex and PWD travelers bungalow offer a comfortable stay. Budget and star hotels at Guntur, Vijayawada offer excellent accommodation even for foreign pilgrims.

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